March 2019 (World Review of Business Research)

March 2019 (World Review of Business Research)

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Author: Mihir Kumar Roy and Ratna Akter

The study was undertaken to investigate the relationship between customer loyalty vis-à-vis word of mouth and customer satisfaction. Data for the study were collected both from secondary and primary sources. For primary data collection, total sample strength of the study was 80 and systematic sampling technique was used for the purpose. The SPSS version 21 software was employed for data analysis. The result shows the correlation among switching cost, customer satisfaction (employee competence, reliability, product innovation, pricing, physical evidence, convenience), word of mouth and customer loyalty. Through two step wise regression, the study find out employee competence, pricing, physical evidence and convenience fail to enter into the regression equation, which indicates that it was not significantly related with customer loyalty. employee competence, reliability, product innovation, pricing, physical evidence and convenience failed to enter into the regression equation, which indicates it was not that significantly related with word of mouth..From the study discussion product innovation, product reliability and switching cost were an important factor to gain customer satisfaction. So product innovation is important so the bank should continue this stage to gain overall good position in satisfactory level at the banking sector. Product reliability result is not significant so the bank management should modify their management system to improve reliability for which customer loyalty can be possible to increase in the bank. Another aspect is switching cost the result of which was not so encouraging. Now customers are switching their account from this bank and the bank management should take decision so that switching over of accounts from the bank can be improved. If the bank management wants zero percent switching cost to their bank, they would improve reliability product.

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Author: Monica Giancotti, Giorgia Rotundo and Marianna Mauro

The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation and Consumer Reports initiated the Choosing Wisely campaign in 2012 to identify and develop lists of services that are overused, inappropriately used and potentially harmful. This study aims to identify all published literature on Choosing wisely for health, in order to answer to the following questions: 1) Which countries have published in this field? 2) According to the evidence, which scientific societies have defined recommendations? and 3) What are the main specialty areas affected? Web of Knowledge and Google scholar databases were searched systematically from 2012 to 2015. Analyse of the published literature allowed to identify 12 countries for which studies on this topic were published. United States and Canada were the countries major involved. Less published evidence was found for Germany, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Denmark and New Zealand. Published literature returned 26 societies which have drawn up lists of recommendations for 20 specialty areas overall. An important gap exist between the published literature and the practice diffusion of the Choosing Wisely principles: many countries are participating or in process of implementing the Choosing Wisely campaign. For most of these, there are few or no publications as of yet.

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Author: Sayed Mohibul Hossen, Mohd Tahir Ismail, Md. Takrib Hossain and Md. Masud Rana

Employees' satisfaction is directly related to their commitment, citizenship behavior, turnover, absenteeism, dedication and performance. Job satisfaction is important to attract and retain talent workforce. Organization can ensure a competitive advantage over the key rivals through confirming the satisfaction of employees towards job. Organization need to meet the expectations of employees’ which shall ensure their job satisfaction. The purpose of the study is to measure the job satisfaction in government employees of Tangail district. Primary data was used in the study and the sample size of the study was 80. The study revealed the key facets of job satisfaction in government sector of Bangladesh. Factors including salary of employees, performance appraisal system, promotional strategies, employee’s relationship with management and other co- employees, training and development program, work burden, influence of higher authority and working hours are found important for improving job satisfaction of govt. employees in Tangail city. Increase in level of these factors improves overall satisfaction of employees which is identified by using statistical technique.

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Author: Rabeya Sultana Lata

Mobile Banking(M-Banking) is a very new but proficient concept of banking arena for last few years. It delivers financial services outside conventional bank branches through non bank retail outlets relying on modern technologies. A momentous part of total Bangladeshi people has been incorporated with this option that ensures banking services to so many nonbanking grass root people in a swift and easy mode. Although some commercial banks offer M-Banking in Bangladesh BRAC Bank ltd. is the pioneer of this banking revolution. The paper aims to investigate the acceptance level of M-Banking and its impact on profitability of Bangladeshi commercial banks. A case study on bKash has been done to know the significance of M-Banking in financial revolution and its acceptability to the people. A survey is conducted on 200 respondents in Dhaka city who have a bank account simultaneously with bKash to have a comparative idea based on availability, timeliness, costing, confidentiality and security of transactions. The findings indicate that contribution of M-Banking (bKash) in financial inclusion is significant and it can go a long way if other scheduled banks start to adopt this services in efficient way. The analysis represents a brilliant prospect of M-Banking in context of the country.

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Author: Afia Akter, Rabiul Hasan Himo, and Abu Bakkar Siddik

A sound financial system can ensure economic development of a country. In this system, bond market can play a vital role in Bangladesh. Bond market provides long term finance to issuers by creating alternative source of finance, besides it also provides steady source of income to investors. The study has explored the prospects of corporate bond market and identified major impediments to develop corporate bond market in Bangladesh. We have collected secondary data from various sources. The primary data have been collected from investors of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). A total of eighty investors from fifteen brokerage firms were surveyed with the self-administrated questionnaires followed by in-depth interviews. The primary data have analyzed to explore investors’ perception and reveal major hindrances to develop corporate bond market in Bangladesh. Finally, we concluded that there is an enormous prospect to develop long term corporate debt market in Bangladesh. In this regard, it has suggested that policy makers should create adequate platform to extend existing bond market.

Total Articles- 5

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