Happiness at Workplace: Building a Conceptual Framework

Happiness at Workplace: Building a Conceptual Framework

Author: zant worldpress

Many of the waking life of modern human beings
nowadays are spent in some kind of work setting. So how
happy we feel at work has a direct influence on the
overall quality of life. Therefore, understanding what
makes us happy or unhappy at work is very crucial. But,
surprisingly; there is an absence of sound theoretical and
conceptual framework for understanding such an
important subject from the organizational perspective. For
developing a conceptual framework for happiness at
work, two components are relevant -the external work
environment and the internal mental mapping .So to
understand and formulate a theoretical framework for
happiness at work, the phenomenon needs to be looked
at from various dimensions. Such as, cognitive
neuroscience, EP (Evolutionary Psychology) and an
overall environmental influence in terms of work setting.
Thus, in an attempt to foster happiness at a workplace,
this paper reviews the causes of happiness and their
consequences or effects at work from the perspective of
psychological literature as well as external factors.

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