Employees’ Satisfaction of Government Organization in Tangail City, Bangladesh

Employees’ Satisfaction of Government Organization in Tangail City, Bangladesh

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Employees’ satisfaction is directly related to their commitment, citizenship behavior, turnover, absenteeism, dedication and performance. Job satisfaction is important to attract and retain talent workforce. Organization can ensure a competitive advantage over the key rivals through confirming the satisfaction of employees towards job. Organization need to meet the expectations of employees’ which shall ensure their job satisfaction. The purpose of the study is to measure the job satisfaction in government employees of Tangail district. Primary data was used in the study and the sample size of the study was 80. The study revealed the key facets of job satisfaction in government sector of Bangladesh. Factors including salary of employees, performance appraisal system, promotional strategies, employee’s relationship with management and other co- employees, training and development program, work burden, influence of higher authority and working hours are found important for improving job satisfaction of govt. employees in Tangail city. Increase in level of these factors improves overall satisfaction of employees which is identified by using statistical technique.

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