E-Learning for Career Development: The Case of Business Administration Graduates

E-Learning for Career Development: The Case of Business Administration Graduates

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The advent of rigorous information and communication technologies (ICT) has brought a breakthrough in the conventional mode of career development. From the findings of the prominent researchers a good number of factors of ICT based training or class sessions including technological competency and e-learning mindset of students and faculty members, IT infrastructure, teaching style, interactive collaboration, ease of access, etc., have been identified. However, they did not completely exhibit the role of proactive e-learning for career development. So, this indicates to the research problem since there is a research gap. This is the reason which motivated to endeavor the current study to investigate the role of e-learning on the career development of business administration graduates. To achieve this purpose of the study both primary and secondary data have been utilized in this study. The primary data have been collected through a recent survey during the month of November 2016 based on a Likert 5 scale structured questionnaire and random sampling from 100 sample respondents including students and faculty members of some universities in Bangladesh. The collected data have been analyzed through multiple regression. Finally, the paper recommends the training on e-learning for the students and faculty members, development of e-learning policies, infrastructures and facilities, etc.

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