CFD Analysis of Forced Convection over Radial Heat Sink

CFD Analysis of Forced Convection over Radial Heat Sink

Author: zant worldpress

The Electronics industry is continually striving to achieve improved performance and smaller scales. Both of the targets result in increased heat flux densities within the electronic devices. Mainly the portable devices which are the market driving forces, severely faces this problem of increased heat flux densities. This phenomenon ispushing the researchers forth to implement new methodologies to provide thermal management within such devices. This work addresses the potential of low profile integrated fan and heat sink solutions to electronics thermal management issues, particularly focusing upon possible solutions in low profile portable electronics. We investigated a heat sink design with mini-channel features, applicable to low profile applications. After the analysis on the design the results were discussed for given operating conditions. The operating conditions which includes operating temperatures, fan speed, etc. The geometry of theradial heat sink was modeled in CATIA V5 design software. The analysis was performed on ANSYS-FLUENT software.

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