Acceptance of Mobile Banking: The Case of BRAC Bank Limited

Acceptance of Mobile Banking: The Case of BRAC Bank Limited

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Mobile Banking(M-Banking) is a very new but proficient concept of banking arena for last few years. It delivers financial services outside conventional bank branches through non bank retail outlets relying on modern technologies. A momentous part of total Bangladeshi people has been incorporated with this option that ensures banking services to so many nonbanking grass root people in a swift and easy mode. Although some commercial banks offer M-Banking in Bangladesh BRAC Bank ltd. is the pioneer of this banking revolution. The paper aims to investigate the acceptance level of M-Banking and its impact on profitability of Bangladeshi commercial banks. A case study on bKash has been done to know the significance of M-Banking in financial revolution and its acceptability to the people. A survey is conducted on 200 respondents in Dhaka city who have a bank account simultaneously with bKash to have a comparative idea based on availability, timeliness, costing, confidentiality and security of transactions. The findings indicate that contribution of M-Banking (bKash) in financial inclusion is significant and it can go a long way if other scheduled banks start to adopt this services in efficient way. The analysis represents a brilliant prospect of M-Banking in context of the country.

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