A Review on Jet Noise Reduction

A Review on Jet Noise Reduction

Author: zant worldpress

With introduction of Jet powered Aircraft in 1950s Engine Jet Noise menace. With the current rate of growth of aviation and extensive utilization of jet powered commercial airliners it is expected that total aviation (civil and military) is slightly to go by more than 4%. In these aircraft, modern technologies are being used where the use of jet engines is inescapable. All types of engines are generating noise which has negative impact on environment as well as human being. Although individual aircraft has become quieter over the past 30 years but flight frequencies have increased. High speedy supersonic aircrafts are also using for military purposes. This paper focuses on the review of various methods employed in the past to reduce the jet noise as also the future expected methodologies hence the subject deals with sources, causes of noise and its propagation with a solution to prevent. Though it is a vast field in aviation sector, this topic is discussed in brief.

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