A Critical Review of Global Ombudsman System: A CSR Perspective

A Critical Review of Global Ombudsman System: A CSR Perspective

Author: zant worldpress

Businesses and governments are considered instrumental in driving economic growth of nations. The conduct of these actors in context is largely influenced by the regulations governing the action rather than moral duty towards autonomous individuals. Ethical CSR initiatives directed towards society lack the strength to penetrate the social fabric of unethical practices and compliance due to lack of institutional and government legitimacy and support. These issues are astute to successful CSR agendas by businesses and the governments and thus draw researchers’ attention towards strengthening the CSR agendas by proposing an ombudsman system. This study specifically examines the drivers of CSR ombudsman system through the theoretical constructs and postulates the outcomes on the social fabric and the nation for the economic development of the society. Based on the theoretical underpinning, the paper presents and explores a conceptual framework setting the stage for furthering research in this area.

Key Words: Economic development, Governments, Businesses, Individuals, Society, System

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