Publication Process

Publication Process

Publication of your paper involves following steps:

Step : 1

On the basis of the content of the paper, we endeavor to select the journal which fits very well with the aim and scope of the journal. The paper is examined on the basis of the checklist completed by the author and then decision is taken to send it to the Editor-in-Chief

Step : 2

The paper is sent to the Editor of the journal who forward it to the Associate Editors/ Member of the Editorial Board to review within a determined time. The reviewers must report in the form of completing the review template

Step : 3

The editor examines these reports to wipe out any biasness and send the reports to the authors directly for compliance with a fixed time

Step : 4

The Editor forwards the revised paper to the reviewers for checking the compliance level and upon the receiving final OK from the reviewers, the editor send the paper to the Publication Director of Zia World Press. In case of part compliance, step 3 is repeated until both the Editors and Associate editors are satisfied.:

Step : 5

The publication staff members of ZWP remains in contact wit the corresponding authors until the paper is published.

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